Why less currywurst in german canteens can sometimes be better.

For many years, currywurst dominated a canteen company's nationwide ranking of the most ordered dishes there. But now current data shows that spaghetti bolognese and vegetarian pesto are at the top of the german canteen food ranking. 

Better eat the original  

From the point of view of fans of the Berlin currywurst, this is certainly not a bad sign. Certainly, eating habits in the canteens of the republic are changing, just as people are changing. But in the case of the germen canteen currywurst, perhaps it's simply because people long for the delicious original from Berlin. Because on the streets of the capital, the currywurst, which would not exist without Herta Heuwer, still enjoys great popularity among tourists and locals alike.  

Berlin's culinary delights  

Currywurst with Fries

Original Berliner Currywurst with fries

Original is simply original, and for many Berliners there is still no way around their favourite snackbar in the neighbourhood – and that's a good thing. Because the original Berlin currywurst is and remains something special, not to be compared with the copies that exist all over the world. This is now even official