The best foodie tips for currywurst enjoyment at home

Berlin currywurst is one of the most popular dishes in German snack culture. Although it is traditionally served at snack bars, many people would also like to enjoy it at home. We have spared absolutely no effort and tested what works and what tastes well. 

The currywurst from the supermarket wall chiller

The ice-cold option for those who have little time or cooking experience is the currywurst from the supermarket fridge. Here everything is pre-cooked, sliced and usually already mixed with the sauce. All you have to do at home is heat the currywurst with the sauce (usually in the microwave). Many of these ready-made products from the refrigerated counter have in common that they contain flavour-intensifying substances and are heavily stretched with water.   

Verdict: The currywurst from the fridge can be reasonably convenient, but it makes a lot of plastic waste and contains a relatively large amount of water and other additives that have a detrimental effect on the taste experience. 

Currywurst out of the jar

Currywurst in a jar is a fairly new "invention" and quite popular variant for preparing the snack classic at home. Currywurst in a jar also consists of pre-cooked sausage and a ready-made curry sauce. The contents of the jar can simply be heated in a pan, saucepan or microwave. In an unopened jar, the curry sausage can often be kept unrefrigerated for several weeks and is therefore easy to store or transport. However, due to the high temperatures involved in canning, many currywursts in jars are very soft and have little to do with the typical crunchy currywurst from your favourite snack bar.

Verdict: Because of the way it is made, currywurst in a jar is easy to store and transport. However, it is not a revelation from a culinary point of view, as it loses flavour and "bite" due to the required pre-cooking process.

The homemade currywurst in imbiss quality 

The truly homemade currywurst requires a little more effort, but offers freshly prepared enjoyment with many options for adapting the taste entirely to your own preferences. You can choose the type of sausage, the spiciness of the sauce and spices according to your personal taste. Those who place particular value on an authentic enjoyment experience with Original Berlin Currywurst will learn how to prepare it with our Currywurst Cooking Masterclass.  

Verdict: It takes more time to prepare, but with the right instructions, even beginners will succeed in making an extremely delicious currywurst. 

The currywurst from the snack bar outside the door 

Don't fancy the pre-made versions or having to stand at the cooker or grill yourself? No problem: simply move into the immediate vicinity of your favourite currywurst snack bar and never (depending on opening hours) miss out on the tasty experience of the Original Berlin Currywurst 😉 (If you don't have a favourite snack bar yet, our Currywurst Finder will give you a good overview).  

Verdict: There's really no way around a freshly prepared currywurst, and at your favourite snack bar you can save yourself the work and enjoy it effortlessly.  

Overall verdict: Many roads lead to the currywurst, but not all lead to the original and in the end it's your own taste that decides.