Why currywurst and chips don't really go together

Huh? That sounds crazy! We've been ordering currywurst with chips for as long as we can remember. Whether at the snack bar, the kiosk at the public pool or even in expensive restaurants - currywurst is regularly served with tasty, golden-brown fries. But what if I told you that you should order the original Berlin currywurst without fries?

Flavour mess

If you order a currywurst with fries at your favourite takeaway, you will most likely be served both in a bowl more or less next to each other. And this is where things get dicey: if you're unlucky, the chips will get soggy from the currywurst sauce or simply won't harmonise together. It can therefore quickly happen that the actually very tasty currywurst suffers from the flavour experience in combination with the soggy fries (which would perhaps also be very tasty on their own when not soggy).

Food coma

Because nobody likes cold chips, you start eating them and then - because you're already full - you leave the good currywurst behind. But the currywurst is the real highlight and the fries are really just a side dish. However, this often doesn't seem to be the case, as the portion of fries usually outweighs the sausage. This can be an advantage if you are very hungry. But there is also a danger that the currywurst will be left out. Or you can stuff yourself with the rest and fall into a food coma. But that's what you want to avoid.

Currywurst with a bun

Currywurst with a bun

All you need is bread rolls

The original Berlin currywurst is a tradition, and that includes the bread that Germans love. But why is that? Bread or buns are not only a really good addition to currywurst in terms of flavour, they are also a good way to simply soak up any leftover sauce at the end. The advantage: nothing is left over and you don't need an extra spoon. It is therefore the ideal solution for a tasty side dish that even enhances the flavour of the currywurst.

If you still don't want to miss out on your portion of fries, it's better to order them separately.