A guide to order currywurst properly

So you won't be treated like a tourist

In times of individual travel, you don't necessarily want to be recognized as a tourist. Nevertheless, there are situations in which you run the risk of outing yourself as such - for example, when ordering a currywurst in Berlin! Because the inclined Berliners know of course exactly how they prefer to eat and order their cult sausage!

So in order not to be outed as a tourist, you should therefore know the most important facts about the ordering process and the original Berlin Currywurst.

Which variety?

They are available in the varieties with casing and without casing. Which variety you choose is purely a personal matter. The currywurst without casing is the "Original Currywurst", because when it was invented after the war, natural casing was scarce and expensive. Small tip: If you prefer your sausage with a little more bite, currywurst with casing is the right choice.

How is it seasoned?

One thing is already clear, ketchup and currywurst are a marriage of convenience, one without the other makes no sense. And that's why ketchup belongs on every currywurst. Finally, you sprinkle at least curry powder over the sausage and ready is the favorite dish of many Berliners. Of course, almost every currywurst stand boasts of its homemade ketchup and curry mixture according to a secret recipe.

Which side dish?

Originally, currywurst often came with a bun, but today most people eat french fries with it. But even here the order must be optimized, because on the fries belong ketchup or mayonnaise or both, also known as fries red and white or barrier. Purists, however, also like to do without and eat their fries with salt only.

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Image: erholung am hermannstrasse / neukölln / berlin from Martijn van Exel licence: CC BY-SA 2.0

So that you are not treated like a tourist at the snack bar ...

... you have to know exactly how you want your currywurst. When it's your turn, place your order confidently and without hesitation. You should also not embellish your order unnecessarily. The Berliner loves it short and sweet and with "Eine Currywurst mit Darm und Pommes rot-weiß" is almost too much of words, professionals limit themselves to "Curry mit und Pommes Schranke".