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Wurst :-) am Brandenburger Tor

Patron: Elke Zieschang

Despite its prominent address near the Brandenburg Gate, the snack bar "Wurst :-) am Brandenburger Tor" offers a surprisingly ordinary view and differs from its competitors in that no currywurst is served here without a casing.

Currywurst with intestines at Wurst :-) at the Brandenburg Gate
Currywurst with intestines at Wurst :-) at the Brandenburg Gate

Since it opened in 2005, the currywurst snack bar “Wurst :-) am Brandenburger Tor” has become a popular stop for tourists who get hungry between the Reichstag building and Pariser Platz.

Contrary to what the name of the snack bar might suggest, however, the view of the Berlin landmark is rather modest. Instead of the monumental gate and majestic view that one might expect, visitors are actually looking at an everyday office building. Paradoxically, this location contributes to the stand’s rather ordinary urban setting despite its prominent address, which may somewhat tarnish the experience for visitors to Berlin.

However, the biggest surprise comes when you look at the menu. Because here the currywurst is only served with casing - a notable departure from the offerings of most competitors. This decision, which suggests a loyal following of non-Berliners, has been consistently pursued since the opening and demonstrates a certain tenacity.

It seems that the currywurst stand has adapted its culinary standards to the expectations of the average tourist. Although the location of the snack bar stands out, in practice it delivers an average taste experience and also falls short of the expectations in terms of “ambience”.

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Wurst :-) am Brandenburger Tor

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