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Witty's Wittenbergplatz

Patron: Ernst Hermann Exter

Witty's on Wittenbergplatz was Germany's first organic snack bar in 2003 and offers a high-priced organic currywurst and a friendly atmosphere near the KaDeWe department store.

Currywurst without intestines at Witty's on Wittenbergplatz
Currywurst without intestines at Witty's on Wittenbergplatz

Witty’s Currywurst on Wittenbergplatz, a gastronomic gem in the immediate vicinity of the illustrious KaDeWe department store, has been a fine place to go for a quick and thoroughly sophisticated treat since 1984. In 2003, the snack bar underwent a remarkable transformation to become Germany’s first organic snack bar - a fact that is reflected not only in the quality of the food, but also in the price structure.

The specialty of the house, the organic currywurst, is a revelation for conscious gourmets who do not want to compromise on sustainability even when it comes to simple enjoyment. The ambience - located directly on a main street - can be described as “nice”, but the true value of the place is enhanced by the friendly, almost companionable service offered here. The atmosphere is complemented by the service attire, consisting of bright red chef’s hats and neckbands as well as immaculate white chef’s jackets - a charming reminiscence of the classic cooking tradition.

However, and this must be emphasized, the price charged for a currywurst is above average and may not be immediately obvious to every visitor. Here you are not only paying for a meal, but also for the privilege of eating a currywurst whose packaging is decorated with a small green seal. However, the regulars and visitors who come here from KaDeWe will probably be willing to pay the extra price.

Witty’s on Wittenbergplatz is and remains one of the most famous currywurst stands in the city. The snack bar is a statement, a culinary beacon in the sometimes murky sea of fast food. A visit is recommended for anyone who wants to think outside the box, or rather the cardboard bowl, and experience how tasty organic finger food can be.

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Witty's Wittenbergplatz

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