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Curry & Chili

Patron: Frank Spieß

The snack bar in Wedding is known for its extremely spicy sauces, which are available in 10 different levels of spiciness.

Currywurst without casing and level 3 hot sauce at Curry & Chili
Currywurst without casing and level 3 hot sauce at Curry & Chili

In the heart of Berlin’s Wedding district, right between the streetcar tracks on the corner of Osloer Straße and Prinzenallee, sits the snack bar Curry & Chili. Known for its love of extreme spiciness, this place is a true paradise for fans of fiery hot currywurst. Under the provocative slogan “Men can still cry here”, the snack bar offers a unique taste experience that is unparalleled in the Berlin snack bar scene.

Curry & Chili stands out with its selection of extremely hot chili sauces, which are available in ten different heat levels. Every visit is therefore a bold expedition into the world of spiciness that can make even the most hardened chili lover break out in a sweat. The challenge of mastering all ten levels of spiciness attracts many adventurous souls and is not for the faint-hearted. Those who succeed are immortalized with a photo on the stand and thus enter the “glorious halls of the hotness club”.

Not only the spiciness of the sauces, but also the atmosphere of Curry & Chili speaks volumes: this snack bar is a piece of authentic Berlin. A place where real characters and hot tongues come together. This is a place where bon vivants and spice lovers come to seek their fortune and a pinch of spice in the rough and tumble of Wedding. It’s more than just a place to eat - it’s an experience that delves deep into Berlin’s cultural melange and leaves an unforgettable impression.

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Curry & Chili

Central strip

Osloer Straße / Prinzenallee
13359 Berlin

Wedding Mitte