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Krasselt's Imbiss

Patron: Thomas Bausch

Krasselt's in Steglitz serves currywurst with fruity ketchup, rustic charm and genuine Berlin hospitality for an authentic culinary experience.

Currywurst without casing at Krasselt's Imbiss in Steglitz
Currywurst without casing at Krasselt's Imbiss in Steglitz

Since its founding in 1959 at a tranquil weekly market, Krasselt’s has transformed itself from a simple snack bar into a culinary bastion in Berlin-Steglitz. Today, the iconic snack bar resides on Steglitzer Damm and serves its currywurst with a touch of novelty: a fruity, slightly sour ketchup that tickles the palate with its uniqueness.

Under the management of the Bausch family, Krasselt’s is characterized by an almost pedantic dedication to quality and adherence to tried and tested traditions. It’s the little touches, such as serving the currywurst on rustic wooden skewers - a charming departure from the banal chips - that make guests smile with delight.

The staff, with their typical Berlin snout, give every visit a genuine local touch that goes far beyond mere food consumption. A trip to Krasselt’s is therefore more than just a meal, it’s an insight into the beating heart of Berlin’s snack culture. An essential stop for anyone who wants to experience the real Berlin - unadorned and with all its culinary refinements.

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Krasselt's Imbiss

Steglitzer Damm 22
12169 Berlin