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Original Berlin Currywurst

Imbiss Olympische Brücke

Patron: Pejman Darvish

Close to the Berlin Olympic Stadium, the "Imbiss Olympische Brücke" serves an unsurpassed original Berlin currywurst. A culinary experience that impresses with its careful preparation and perfect balance of spices.

Original Berlin currywurst without casing at the Olympische Brücke snack bar
Original Berlin currywurst without casing at the Olympische Brücke snack bar

In the immediate vicinity of Berlin’s Olympic Stadium, the home ground of Hertha BSC, the “Imbiss Olympische Brücke” offers a culinary attraction that remains unrivaled in its category: the original Berlin currywurst. Masterfully prepared since the 1980s, every currywurst is not only a testament to Berlin gastronomy, but also a taste experience that will win over even the most critical palates.

The sausage itself, served with the perfect consistency thanks to the perfected frying time, reveals the care and tradition of its preparation with every bite. The secret of its success lies in the balance of spices and is rounded off by the homemade curry sauce: a composition that is profound and multi-layered, with a hint of spiciness that does not overwhelm but rather invigorates the senses.

The amenities are just as well thought out as the culinary offerings: a roof terrace and a covered outdoor area guarantee that the weather is never a spoilsport. With a great deal of passion and commitment, Pejman “Pechi” Darvish and his team make the “Imbiss Olympische Brücke” a place where you don’t just go to eat before a soccer match, but where every visit becomes part of a larger, social event.

The combination of historical ambience, expert preparation and incomparable taste makes the “Imbiss Olympische Brücke” a must for every lover of Berlin cuisine. Thanks to its long history, the snack bar not only embodies the city’s tradition, but also celebrates it with every sausage served. A visit here promises an original Berlin currywurst that is not just eaten, but celebrated - a culinary highlight that further cements Berlin’s reputation as a city of extraordinary taste experiences.

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Imbiss Olympische Brücke

Olympische Straße 31
14052 Berlin

Charlottenburg Olympiastadion Westend