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CURRY WOLF am Brandenburger Tor

Patron: Mathias Wolf

CURRY WOLF offers a unique explosion of flavors with a varied menu and an impressive sauce right in front of the Brandenburg Gate and Hotel Adlon.

Currywurst without casing from CURRY WOLF
Currywurst without casing from CURRY WOLF

Right in the pulsating heart of Berlin, not far from the majestic Brandenburg Gate and in front of the exclusive doors of the Hotel Adlon, CURRY WOLF offers its guests a taste explosion of a special kind. This snack bar, with an unobstructed view of the historic backdrop, attracts both real Berliners and tourists looking for the unique experience of enjoying an original Berlin currywurst.

CURRY WOLF stands out with its unique location and equally impressive sauces that can take the breath away of any spicy lover. With a mysterious blend figuratively described as “OPIUM”, it makes for an irresistible “addiction” - all because of its great taste, of course. This creative twist makes every sausage an unforgettable experience.

The menu at CURRY WOLF is remarkably varied: it offers options for meat lovers as well as for guests who want to eat vegan food. The snack bar therefore appeals to a wide range of tastes. A special highlight is the option of enjoying a selection of champagnes (Moët and Dom Pérignon) with the currywurst, which may sound unusual at first, but guarantees an extraordinary taste experience and is proof that the managing director Mathias Wolf understands how to make every guest happy according to their individual preferences.

A visit to CURRY WOLF promises a taste explosion. Against the iconic backdrop of the Brandenburg Gate, every currywurst served here becomes part of Berlin’s history. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to experience the local culture in an authentic way.

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CURRY WOLF am Brandenburger Tor

Central strip

Unter den Linden 77
10117 Berlin

Mitte Brandenburger Tor