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Bier's Mini

Patron: Gregor Bier

Bier's Mini at Kantstraße 7 offers currywurst in a culturally diverse and lively environment. However, the location under the S-Bahn bridge is not a highlight for everyone.

Currywurst without intestines at Bier's Mini in Kantstraße
Currywurst without intestines at Bier's Mini in Kantstraße

Under the S-Bahn bridge, at the vibrant intersection between the Theater des Westens and the Zoologischer Garten, Bier’s Mini at Kantstraße 7 offers a culinary enclave that presents the currywurst in a whole new light. Opposite the HIT supermarket Ullrich, a microcosm of urban culture unfolds here that has far more to offer than just fast food - it is a reflection of Berlin’s soul.

Kantstraße, a stage for cultural diversity and urban life, lends Bier’s Mini a special urban charm. Its location close to important cultural and leisure venues makes the restaurant the ideal meeting point for culture vultures and strollers.

The menu celebrates currywurst in traditional variations - with and without casing - and is complemented by Bier’s hot sauce, which is prepared according to a family recipe that has been guarded for generations and gives every bite an unmistakable flavor. The gastronomic experience is enriched by the presentation of the currywurst on fine china - a clear break from the usual fast-food ambience and a tribute to the finesse of Berlin hospitality.

In addition to currywurst, other German fast food classics such as bockwurst and Thüringer Rostbratwurst are also on offer, all freshly prepared and capturing the quintessence of German culinary art.

Bier’s Mini is not only an oasis for a quick bite to eat, but also a vibrant center of the local spirit and typical Berlin humor. The symbiosis of exquisite currywurst, cultural proximity and authentic Berlin flair makes every visit a culinary event to remember.

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Bier's Mini

Kantstraße 7
10623 Berlin

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